When people talk about alkaline ionized water, it could not be helped that the stomach comes into the picture. After all, when you drink water or eat food, everything must first go down to this digestive organ before nutrients or fluids are distributed to each cell in the body. But surprisingly, many people think that the stomach is filled with acid. And that’s because many are under the impression that to digest food, this part of the body needs to be filled with acid. Well, nothing can be farther from the truth. The stomach needs acid, yes, but only up to a certain amount.alkaline ionized water

If your digestive system is running fine, you can say that you won’t need much of alkaline ionized water. Believe it or not, the amount of acid that must be produced in the stomach is calculated by the mouth. In short, before food even enters your gut, your body is preparing the right amount of acid to digest it. So under normal conditions, there should not be any overproduction of acid in your gut. But today, most people are extremely dependent on fast food and soft drinks. All these can disrupt the body’s precise workings that are designed to break down food.

Take for example the time when you have wolfed down a large Tex-Mex burger. Sure enough, your body will react – just like it did a million times before – and set into motion all the processes required for the digestion of a big fat carnivorous meal.  But this time, your stomach will have to produce more acid to break down a hard meal. So, your body is not just all stressed out about dissolving the burger, it is also worried that such a big piece of junk food that you ate can cause the normal pH balance in your system to fall because of the increased acidity. When that happens, your system can shut down and bring you to a coma, or even kill you. But with alkaline ionized water, your digestive system will get a boost.

Without enough alkaline minerals, your adrenal glands will try to shut down your body’s system and tell it to look for additional alkaline minerals to counteract the increase in acidity triggered by the big fatty burger you ate. If your system does not find any additional alkaline, your body will push the half-digested food into the intestines and the pancreas will have to work doubly hard to no avail. To learn how alkaline ionized water and more about how an alkaline water ionizer can help you get out of such a situation, visit http://www.ionways.com/default.aspx?UserName=jeffstewart.

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Alkaline Water Ionizer

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Alkaline water ionizer transforms ordinary H2O from your tap into healthy water that is high in OH- (Oxygen hydrogen negative) molecules. In this state, water is said to have the pH balance that is ideal for the body. With this altered molecular structure, alkaline water can help in neutralizing excess levels of acidity inside the body. Also, alkaline water has more minerals in it and it can efficiently conduct electrochemical activities at the cellular level.  Overall, the flow of oxygen in your bloodstream will be optimized with alkaline water. As a result, needed nutrients will be efficiently distributed to the cells and you become more energetic and vibrant.

At the very least, when you use an alkaline water ionizer, you improve the quality of water that you drink. You see, many people think that all types of drinkable water are the same. But in reality, there are many variations of water. Take the case of ordinary distilled water. This typically passes through a series of filtration that any trace of natural minerals has been eliminated. In short, it is super clean water, but it lacks essential nutrients that can be naturally found in water, so it is referred to as soft water. Compare that with mineral water, which passed through some filtration process, yet it still retains much of the minerals in it, so it can be referred to as hard water.

In the US, there are many sources of water. You can get water from wells, rivers, aquifers, reservoirs, and even the nearest convenience store. There is really no problem about where to source your water. The thing that matters really is the quality of the water that you drink. Even the proper functioning of an alkaline water ionizer can depend on the quality of the water that is filtered into its system. An ionizer works best if the water that you use has trace minerals. In other words, soft water can make it hard for the ionizing plates to work with. And come to think of it, how can an ionizer optimize the presence of essential minerals if there is none to begin with?

So, before you invest in an alkaline water ionizer, have your tap water source tested first. Fortunately, over 80% of all water sources in the US are considered hard water. But even that can pose some problems like clogging your ionizer due to high mineral traces. Therefore it is important that you buy only the high-performance ionizers available. For more information, visit http://www.ionways.com/default.aspx?UserName=jeffstewart.

If it’s ionized water you need but you do not have much room in your budget, then Isis water ionizer can be a very good investment for your health. This machine is considered as an entry level alkaline water filter. It has simple features without all the bells and whistles that you will find in more expensive systems, but overall it does a good job in ensuring its users that the water they drink has all the benefits of alkaline water. Indeed, if you are new to the concept of attaining perfect pH balance in your body, this model is the best choice for you considering both price and performance.

Isis - Ionways Water Ionizer Filter

Isis - Ionways Water Ionizer Filter

Having Isis in your home provides you with a revolutionary alkalizing filtration system. It comes equipped with the Biostone Filtration System, which is one of the best water filters ever to be incorporated in an ionized water machine. The Biostone system can filter out small particles, harmful microorganisms and even the bad taste in water without consequently taking out beneficial minerals. Ordinary water filtration system like distillation and reverse osmosis can also purify water from your tap, but the resulting water can be highly acidic. This does not happen in an Isis system with Biostone.

While Isis is among the most affordable ionized water filtration units available today, it does not mean that it has run-of-the-mill ionizing features. Well, it does not have the cutting edge diode electrodes installed in more expensive filtration units. But just the same, the ionizing electrodes in Isis are the most effective within the system’s price category. This ionizer has five titanium electrodes, each one electroplated with platinum for optimum electrolysis mechanism. That’s not all. The makers of Isis ionizing system also made sure that users do not have to wait in line whenever the machine is in cleaning mode. With an automatic regulator of water flow, you can enjoy the health giving goodness of alkaline water even while the machine cleans itself.

Above all, Isis ionized water machine is tough and durable. As it can clean out the buildup of particles in its main filtration mechanism, it can work effectively for years to come. Its cleaning action is activated after every use. Therefore, its performance remains at maximum level for a lot longer compared to other ionizer machines. Knowing that you’re alkaline water machine can be of service to your family effectively for years to come gives you peace of mind. For more details on Isis water ionization machine, visit http://www.ionways.com/products_isis_details.aspx.

Delphi water ionizer is a high performance filtration system that can give you clean and healthy water. But it provides you more than just alkaline water as it also takes out the clutter on top of your kitchen sink. The latest in Emco Tech alkaline water machines, Delphi is fitted under the sink. All that you see is an elegant tower-slash-faucet made from stainless steel and activated via soft touch control pad. With this user-friendly control, you can easily choose from among the different alkaline levels right at the flick of your fingertips. You would even get an alarm message whenever there is a low water flow or when ionization system has been disabled.  Now that’s total convenience and style.

Delphi Under The Sink Water Ionizer

Delphi Under The Sink Water Ionizer

But it must be emphasized that a Delphi water ionizer is not all about form and elegance. Just like all the top performing filters from Emco Tech, Delphi can deliver in both performance and durability. This unit has the cutting-edge Biostone Filtration System, which is an alkalinizing filter that makes use of activated carbon granules, calcium, and a composition of silicate minerals. If you want to increase the range of pH levels in the water output, you can add more calcium via a slot in the main undersink assembly. With this kind of filtration system, Delphi can provide you and your family with the finest level of filtration.

The Delphi water ionizer is also fitted with advanced mesh electrode plates. This unique structuring of the ionization electrodes make it possible for the whole system to provide increased ionizing power without requiring too much electricity. The mesh electrodes are noticeably smaller than the plates in other water ionizers. But size really does not matter when it comes to electrode plates. Made from titanium and coated with platinum, Delphi’s electrode plates are more efficient at ionizing water and they are far more durable than other types of ionizing plates. A cross section of the electrodes, when magnified several times, will reveal that they are coated with a very fine mesh material that enhances durability and conductivity of the ionization plates.

Delphi water ionizer is indeed at the forefront of water ionization technology. Right from the start, it was designed both for elegance and functionality. It even has an LCD on the faucet that displays the pH level you selected and the time when you should change the filter. But above all these features, Delphi is all about giving you a healthy water to drink. For more information about Delphi, or to Buy Now Click Here

Ionways Athena Water Ionizer

Ionways Athena Water Filter

Athena alkaline water machine is one of the best known brands in water ionization. It combines functionality, performance and style. Made by Emco Tech, this machine provides you and your family with two very essential things, namely: clean water and healthy water. You see having clean water is just not enough. Taking out all the particles and microorganisms that come from your tap water does not ensure your family is safe from diseases. Today, more than ever, you need healthy water. That‘s water that has undergone changes in its molecular components such that it can effectively flush out toxins and counteract oxidation in the body.

When choosing a water ionizer, you must always take into consideration the performance and durability of the machine. After all, this type of filter is an investment. Athena alkaline water machine comes spotless in these two categories. This is the only alkaline filtration system that has onboard capability. And just like all the high performance ionizers and filters from Emco Tech, Athena is also equipped with a standard .1 micron Biostone Filtration System which is even upgradable up to .01 micron.  Because of this very fine filtration system, Athena is guaranteed to take out 99.99% of water contaminants, including bacteria.

On top of the Biostone filter, the Athena alkaline water machine also comes with the patented Mesh Diode Electrode. This technology makes it possible for the machine to be compact in size, yet very powerful in performance. The electrodes are the ones responsible for water ionization, turning it into healthy alkaline water. Other makers of water ionizers will tell you that the bigger the electrode plates, the better. But using the latest technology, alkalinizing electrodes do not have to be big in size. That’s why even with a compact size, Athena can provide water that has a pH level of around 8.5 to 9.5 and an ORP of -250mv. This is actually the ideal range or degree of alkalinity for a drinking water.

Your Athena ionizer is an investment for good health. So, naturally you want it to last. Well then, Emco Tech has made sure that this ionizer will perform at its peak for years to come. With a unique Double Automatic Reverse Cleaning, any trace of mineral build up will be eliminated via the electrodes. Unlike other models which simply reverse their polarity to flush out filtered minerals. If you want to know more about Athena alkaline water machine, click here to BECOME AN IONWAYS DISTRIBUTOR